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  • Name: Temporary fence for Australia

Temporary fence-Australia/Europe

Temporary fence is also known as Temporary fencing, temporary fence panels, portable fence, Temp fencetemp fencing and mobile fence.

High quality mild steel wire

Corrosion Form: electric galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized

1. Temporary fencing to secure construction sites and private property. 
2. Temporary fencing of residential housing sites.
3 Temporary fencing for major public. Events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings etc.

Features: It can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.

We can manufacture the welded fence panels as well as chain link ones。

The most popular specification

Panel Size:

2400mm(L) x 2100mm(H)

北京赛车PK10开奖直播历史记录 Frame: 

32mm O。D。 

Infill Mesh: 

4mm horizontal, 4mm vertical
150mm x 60mm spacing 




Hot Dipped Galvanized to Australian Standard - 42 Microns 

Recommended Specification

Specification of Temporary fence

北京赛车PK10开奖直播历史记录 Spotted by 3-5mm diameter quality mild steel wire

Opening (mm)

75x75  75x100  60x150  50x50  60x60 etc

L x W (mm)

北京赛车PK10开奖直播历史记录 2100x2400  1800x2400  2100x2900  2100x3300 etc

Frame (mm)


Different specifications are available according to customers' special inquiry or detailed drawings.
Main markets: Australia, Canada, America, European countries and Asia countries.

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